PowderFeeding BioBloom

PowderFeeding BioBloom by Green House is an all-in-one powdered bio fertilizer, formulated specifically for the flowering stage of all plants. All essential nutrients are provided by natural minerals and organic raw materials.

Mineral nutrients are immediately available for the plant and the organic nutrients are released slowly after being decomposed by microorganisms in the soil.

BioBloom is suitable for Biological agriculture

How to use:

BioBloom needs to be mixed into the substrate. It can be used in soil, coco or similar substrates. It can be mixed at the time of transplantation or added later as top dressing (mixed into the top layer of the soil).

The nutrients will be released constantly during a period of 8 weeks.


8 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter substrate

10 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 2-3g/Liter substrate

3rd week = 1g/Liter substrate

12 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter substrate

5th week = 1g/Liter substrate

(Reduce doses for light feeder plants and pre-fertilized soils.)


Mycelium from beneficial fungus can appear on top of the substrate. It improves microbial life inside the substrate and will not harm humans, animals or plants. 

Fungi are the main agents of the decomposition of organic matter such as simple sugars, amino acids, etc.